it can be any day

2023 | family drama

29 min

Nothing can prepare you for the death of your parents.

it can be any day

2023 | family drama

29 min

Nothing can prepare you for the death of your parents.


Kamila, a general practitioner on the verge of retirement, takes care of her parents – her 90-year-old dad and Alzheimer’s-stricken mum. She accompanies them in the final stages of their lives. In doing so, she is aware of her own mortality and the fact that there is no one who will support her in the future to the same extent.

Further wandering through her lonely life and fighting with her father’s different perspective on life and death, Kamila is trying to prepare for the worst. A moment that is inevitable and haunting but also one that will lead her to some kind of reconciliation and deliverance.

director’s note

When my grandparents were dying 4 years ago, my mother was going through a very difficult period of her life. The question of what was going to happen when her beloved parents would not be among us any more was ever-present at home. The fact my mother is a doctor, a person who has learnt about death and dying and who has encountered death many times, did not change a thing which was fascinating to me. My mother‘s uncertainty, despair and fear was the same like everyone else’s. This inspired me to create the main character Kamila who resembles my mother to a certain extent.

I decided to make a movie about death and dying where the mystery of death and especially the fear of death would be present in every frame. In order to experience these themes, you have to feel them through time and space. Therefore, I chose a specific film language which uses cinemascope and, in terms of movement and composition, complicated long one-shots that fully explore the space-time of the film.

It Can Be Any Day is a short movie about the ugly part of dying and about waiting for death as the legendary director Béla Tarr, whom I consulted the project with, pointed out. However, in my belief the film is essentially about the realisation that the worst death is to pass away alone.


veronika jeníková | petr kostka | hana frejková | simona postlerová | martina babišová


director vojtěch konečný

writer vojtěch konečný

director of photography filip hájek

production designer theodora bognárová

editor vojtěch konečný

editing supervisor enis saraçi

sound designer ondřej rozum

music composer tomáš borl

script editor jan dvořáček

producer film and tv school in prague FAMU

co-producer nukleon frame, s.r.o.

producers peter pochadéla konečnávojtěch konečný