first patrol

2025 | police drama

Czech Republic | Slovakia

in pre-production

20 min

first patrol

2025 | police drama

czech republic | slovakia

in pre-production

20 min


A routine day of two smalltown’s policemen turns upside down when they become the first patrol to arrive at the crime scene of a mass-shooting in a restaurant where there are still hostages inside.


A routine day of two smalltown police officers, Pavel (22) and Michal (49), suddenly turns upside down when they become the first patrol who has to secure the crime scene of a mass shooting at a restaurant where hostages are still being held. This event is inspired by a real-life tragedy that took place in Uherský Brod, the Czech Republic, in 2015. An attacker murdered eight people and himself. However, this is not a reconstruction of this disaster, nor an attempt to portray the reasons for the killer’s actions, but a subjective story of two colleagues and friends who, despite being professionals, are afraid, disagree with each other and make mistakes. During the nerve-wracking intervention, they are also capable of inconspicuous acts of heroism and humanism that bring them closer together and make them better policemen and more empathetic human beings.


director vojtěch konečný

writer vojtěch konečnýjan dvořáček

director of photography filip hájek

sound designer jan strnad

editor enis saraçi

production designer anna machátová

costume designer linda lukáčová

music composer tomáš borl

producers nukleon frame

peter pochadéla konečná

co-producer film and tv school in Prague famu

co-producer czech television

co-producer endowment fund filmtalent zlín

financially supported by

czech film fund

south moravian film fund